Modified or Alternate Viewings / Covid-19 protocols.

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Covid-19 has disrupted many industries and we are all working to adapt. We remain committed to our profession and clients while adapting to new requirements. In the event of increased public health orders, we are well adapted to accommodate. During prior restrictions we remained successful at completing hundreds of assignments using alternative viewing techniques while maintaining the integrity of our reports. The most successful method we utilized was to have the occupants use our video recording device to tour the interior of their home. This method provides us with high quality video allowing us to determine the quality, condition and floor plan of the home far better than any other method we tested and only second best to an in person viewing. Wherever possible we prefer to attend the property and perform a full viewing of at least the exterior and any portions of the property we are able to access.

The client, lender or intended user of the report must request or agree in advance to this type of modified appraisal which will require us to include an Extraordinary Assumption as we are not able to fully verify the actual condition and there are limitations. Please feel free to contact us for further details on alternative viewing methods and procedures. At present we are able to enter homes wearing masks and any of our staff entering your home are fully vaccinated. We do not require occupants to wear masks but we will try to limit extended interactions and we request that if any occupants of the home are experiencing flu like symptoms or those commonly described by local health authorities that you advise us prior to our visit so we can determine the most appropriate course of actions.  We are committed to completing the appraisal assignment in a smooth and seamless process and will work hard for all parties to limit any disruptions.  A part of this process is for us to avoid unnecessary exposure.  We respect others belief and opinions and in addition to our professional obligations we will not disclose to any other party including the client, lender or any other party to the transaction the vaccination or health conditions of the home or occupants.  If we are unable to enter a home or complete the assignment or need to request our client to modify the appraisal type to suit the conditions in the home we will only advise that we are requesting the modification and not the reason.