Can I get a copy of the report ordered for XYZ Lender?

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We get this question all the time and we understand the answer can be frustrating as often the applicant/ borrower is paying for the report.  Unfortunately we are not allowed to share the report or any conclusions or opinions we may have formed as a result of the assignment with anyone other than the client (the party that orders the report and sets out the terms of the assignment)/ or the intended user identified at the time of the order, usually the Lender, without their written consent.  This is both an ethics standard of our professional association we must follow and in almost all cases with major lenders it is a contractual obligation.  We are able to discuss and explain the appraisal process and why we may need certain information but we cannot share a copy of the report, any data obtained during the assignment that is not publicly available or discuss any conclusions from our assignment. ....continued...  

The appraiser may not be able to receive this approval from the lender (particularly one of the major lenders) directly and if the applicant borrower would like to attempt to attain a copy they should make a request through their contact in the borrowing process, typically their mortgage broker, lenders staff or agents.  Likewise, they are not allowed to share the report without the appraiser's consent.   Lenders have varied policies in this respect and some may provide a copy while others will not.  Some will provide a redacted report which has much of the report information redacted including the appraisal firm, the (AMC) Appraisal Management Company, addresses and information on all Comparable Sale Properties, and comments on Comparable Sale Properties.   Please reach out to us if we can provide further clarification or assistance.