In person viewings

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A full home appraisal will likely require an in person viewing by one of our appraisers.  We will attempt to book an in person viewing giving as much notice as possible, a minimum of 24 hours is the usual standard, in particular where the property is tenant occupied.  Exceptions may be made depending on circumstances.   Most standard home viewings will take less than one hour and some larger residences or with multiple outbuildings may take longer. 

We will typically photograph every room or may request to video our walk through as it provides us with a more thorough data collection.  This may speed up the viewing which can be beneficial to the process.  For most single family and semi-detached, duplexes or townhomes, we will fully measure the exterior and may need to take certain interior measurements to verify the Gross Living Area (GLA), basement, garages and other significant structures.  If you have printed or digital house plans these may be helpful but we will always need to take sufficient measurements to verify the plans are reasonably accurate.  We are not home inspectors and will not go into as much detail as a typical home inspector.  We strive to gather as much pertinent data as possible and as we see fit based on the purpose and intent of the report.  We understand that having strangers looking into our homes can be stressful.  We take our jobs seriously and your privacy is one of our professional obligations.  We do not share any of the information we collect with anyone other than the intended user's of the report as legally obligated.