by Paul Rayburn September 9, 2023. *Updated September 27, 2023 with further thoughts on AI and additional links to some more content on the principal understanding.

As we move towards advanced data analysis, integrating the principles of data science, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we need to acknowledge that in almost all cases we are relying on the principals, standards and actions of many contributors. With the introduction of AI we are now able to move at a much more rapid pace with a far broader population of creators and developers.

This short 1m44s clip I have shared is from the 1993 film Jurassic Park with Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum speaking to the power of genetic engineering, which has always stuck with me and I think become more relevant than ever in the current environment. Shoulders of Geniuses and Because I say I am.

This makes it more important than ever to ensure we understand the potential pitfalls in addition to the possibilities and opportunities. We need to build upon our communities and personal connections with those who are able to share their knowledge as a stabilization of the newborn entity of AI.

This may include utilizing AI for the very purpose of tempering AI while increasing our own understanding and abilities.

As with any industry or profession, there will be those who seek to take advantage of these technologies without logic or discretion and we must be prepared to alter our course to remain on an even keel.

On the topic of adversity here is another clip that also resonates with the pitfalls we face as a society.

A clip of under 1 minute spoken interlude from the 1995 song by Don Henley “The Garden of Allah” *The volume on this clip is much higher so you may wish to have have your volume control ready.

Update September 11, 2023

On the topic of adversity and AI, here is a link to an eye-opening discussion with the Center for Humane Technology at the Commonwealth Cub in San Francisco. Introduced by Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple, presented by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, these are credible people with substantial knowledge in this arena and this is a discussion worthy of following closely. With the rapid advancement of technology, we need to seriously begin these discussions within every aspect of our daily lives. At home, at the workplace, and within government, and not just discussions about the novelty of the idea. There have been and there will continue to be a great many benefits from AI however, underestimating concerns could result in dire outcomes. I am not suggesting we run away in fear or try to shut it down, that will never happen, but we need to face it head on and be as educated on the subject as possible. You don’t know what you don’t know.

YouTube video from a private gathering in San Francisco on March 9th, 2023 with leading technologists and decision-makers including Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple.

If you prefer a podcast here is a link to an episode produced by the Harris and Raskin released shortly after.

Update September 27, 2023.

Now that you may appreciate that we should be at least understanding more about AI here is a good video describing the basics. This one is a longer video of about 90 minutes but the first few minutes is worth a watch. I like that Söderström addresses the “Conspiracy of the Laity” but also acknowledges that their is reason for various groups or professions to have rules and specific language. That can be seen as an intentional barrier to keep others out or conversely a method of creating effective understanding and communication around specific topics. I would think it is far more the latter and I would not fall for the conspiracy even though some things may seem that way. The only qualifier I would place on that is when said professionals are communicating with those outside of that specialty they should make efforts to describe in more common language which can be a real challenge. In this clip Söderström does what would appear to be a great job of that. I say “appears to” because I am not an expert on the subject and I would say, at this point, I only know enough to qualify as interested.

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